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Each individual piece of hardware is carefully designed to ensure that your finished product is one that is loved for years to come.


We take pride in knowing that our kitchen cabinets are manufactured with nothing but the the highest quality of workmanship.


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We understand more than anything else that your cabinets need to possess a true sense of style and class. There really is no better way to complete a room than with a stylish set of cabinets, after all. At Highland, we place an emphasis on designing and manufacturing kitchen and bathroom cabinets with that true style you want. The luxurious wood that we use, combined with our extensive manufacturing experience, means we never fail to provide you with something that possesses the highest level of style.


We understand the durability challenges that your cabinets will face over the years. Wear and tear, caused by constant usage, can really take its toll. That’s why we always work hard to ensure that our cabinets aren’t just stylish but are also incredibly durable. Constructed with heavy duty plywood, our cabinets are built to be seriously tough, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. After all, why invest in kitchen and bathroom cabinets that won’t stand the test of time? ​
We understand the durability challenges that your cabinets will face over the years. Wear and tear, caused by constant usage, can really take its toll. That’s why we always work hard to ensure that our cabinets aren’t just stylish but are also incredibly durable. Constructed with heavy duty plywood, our cabinets are built to be seriously tough, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money. After all, why invest in kitchen and bathroom cabinets that won’t stand the test of time? ​
On a budget? That doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice anything. Our process ensures that we can build high quality, stylish cabinets and offer them at affordable prices. This gives you more flexibility and means that you can always choose the cabinets that are the best fit for your needs, regardless of your budget. You really can have it all with our cabinets. To learn more about our pricing, you can always check our website further or get in touch with our friendly team right now.
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Contractors are often presented with the challenge of finding a reliable source for cabinets. The process can be time consuming and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Wholesale cabinets offer an advantageous solution; giving contractors access to quality materials at competitive prices while reducing costs associated with sourcing from multiple vendors. This article will explore the benefits of using wholesale cabinets for contractors, providing important insight into this cost-effective option.

Highland Cabinetry provides greater flexibility than traditional purchasing methods due to their expansive inventory selection and customization options. They also allow contractors to purchase in bulk without sacrificing quality or design preferences which is ideal for those seeking unique solutions that meet specific requirements. Finally, they offer streamlined order fulfillment processes that make contracting projects easier and more efficient.


Benefits Of Wholesale Cabinets

1. Contractors can benefit from wholesale cabinets due to their cost savings. Bulk purchasing can lead to reduced prices per unit, and improved market competitiveness.
2. Wholesale cabinet providers typically offer a wide range of varieties, ranging from styles to designs. This can help contractors to find the specific cabinet that meets their requirements.
3. Wholesale cabinets are often made with high-quality materials and are designed to last for an extended period of time. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.
4. The installation process of wholesale cabinets is often quicker and more efficient than that of retail cabinets. This can help contractors to save time and resources.
5. Wholesale cabinets are typically available in larger quantities than retail cabinets. This allows contractors to purchase larger orders in a single transaction, thereby saving both time and money.
6. Wholesale cabinets are usually available at discounted rates when compared to retail prices. This helps contractors to reduce their overall costs while still getting the desired quality.


Cost Savings

Savings are a major factor when choosing cabinets for contractors. Highland can offer cost-effective solutions to many businesses, allowing them to focus their resources on other areas of the project. By purchasing in bulk from wholesalers, contractors can benefit from discounts and reduced costs that would not be available through retail outlets. Additionally, by buying direct from the manufacturer, it is possible to obtain wholesale prices which may even include free shipping and assembly options as part of the deal. This makes it easier for contractors to stick to their budget while still getting quality items at an affordable price. It also allows them more time to dedicate towards perfecting other aspects of the job or taking on extra projects without worrying about overspending on materials. The result is a win-win situation where everyone involved benefits from lower overhead expenses and greater savings.



HIghland provides a wide variety of options to contractors. With the ability to purchase in bulk and directly from the manufacturer, there are more choices for customizing projects with different cabinet types, styles, colors, sizes, finishes and other features. This allows contractors to create unique designs that can be tailored specifically to their client’s tastes and needs while still staying within budget limits. Furthermore, wholesale suppliers may also provide additional services such as free shipping or assembly which further reduces costs associated with purchasing cabinets. In addition to having access to a larger selection at better prices, dealing with wholesalers eliminates the need for middlemen like retailers, allowing businesses more control over quality standards and delivery times. Ultimately this provides greater value for money on any project that requires cabinetry materials.



When making decisions about cabinetry, quality is a paramount factor. Highland offers contractors the unique opportunity to ensure they are providing their clients with high-quality materials as manufacturers use advanced technology and stringent production practices when creating these products. With rigorous testing for durability and performance in place, both contractors and clients can have greater assurance that the end product will be of superior quality. To further guarantee this, some wholesalers even provide warranties on certain items which provides added peace of mind to customers. As such, it is clear that wholesale cabinets come with considerable advantages when it comes to assessing the quality of the materials used for projects. By ensuring that only top notch goods are being purchased at an economical price point, businesses can rest assured that they are obtaining excellent value for money while still creating beautiful designs that showcase customer satisfaction.


Types Of Materials

Cabinets for contractors are available in a variety of materials that address different needs and aesthetic preferences. Wood is one of the most popular choices, offering durability as well as a classic look. Hardwoods such as oak, cherry, and mahogany provide strength and beauty with natural grains that reflect light. Softwood options like pine can be stained or painted to match any décor.

Metal cabinets offer advantages over wood when it comes to heat resistance, moisture control, and stain-resistance. Steel is often used in commercial applications due to its durability and affordability; aluminum offers lightweight construction but may require additional protection against corrosion. Stainless steel provides a sleek, modern appearance while also being extremely durable.

For areas where fire safety is paramount, kitchen cabinets made from flame retardant material are necessary for compliance with building codes. These materials include mica boards that resist high temperatures and will not burn easily; other options include fiberglass composites or special coatings applied to metal surfaces. Whichever material is chosen, contractor’s should consult local regulations before installation to ensure they meet all requirements.


Cabinet Sizes And Styles

Making decisions about the size and style of cabinets for a project can be overwhelming. With so many choices, it is important to consider practicality as well as aesthetics. From door materials and sizes to drawer components, there are endless possibilities when selecting cabinetry for any construction endeavor.

The first step in picking out cabinets is determining their size. This should be based on both available space and storage needs; too large or too small will not do. In commercial settings or high-traffic areas, stainless steel models may offer durability that other materials cannot match. For more traditional spaces, wood grain textures are perfect for adding warmth and character to an area without compromising quality or strength.

When choosing between different styles of cabinet doors, such as shaker or raised panel designs, think about how they will pair with existing hardware pieces like faucets and knobs. Drawer finishes also come in a variety of options from full extension glides to soft close slides that ensure quiet operation over time. All these details must be considered carefully before making a final selection that meets the demands of the given job site.


Finding The Right Wholesaler

1. Identifying reputable wholesalers is an important first step when looking for wholesale cabinets for contractors.
2. Evaluating the services of the wholesaler and comparing prices is essential to make sure the desired product is being provided at the best cost.
3. When selecting a wholesaler, contractors should consider factors such as the quality of the cabinets and the delivery times.
4. Researching customer reviews and testimonials is a great way to gain insight into the quality of the products and services offered by the wholesaler.


Identifying Reputable Wholesalers

Finding the right wholesaler for cabinets is essential to ensure a successful project. It can be difficult to identify reputable wholesalers, as it requires research into customer reviews and business practices. When researching potential wholesalers, consider their product selection, quality of products, delivery speed, pricing structure and customer service. Taking time to evaluate each candidate thoroughly will help you make an informed decision when selecting your supplier.

The best way to assess the credibility of a prospective cabinet wholesaler is through their reputation in the industry; ask other contractors or suppliers about how they have performed with previous orders. Additionally, check online resources such as review sites and social media channels to get a better idea of what customers think of them before making any decisions. Finally, don’t forget that high-quality products come at a price – look out for hidden costs or surcharges on top of the advertised price which could affect your bottom line.

When choosing the right wholesale cabinet partner for your project, keep these factors in mind: reputation within the industry; product selection; quality of materials; delivery speed & accuracy; pricing structure; and customer service excellence. Doing so will go a long way towards ensuring success throughout all stages of the process.


Comparing Prices And Services

When selecting a wholesaler for cabinets, it is essential to compare prices and services in order to find the right fit. This comparison should include assessing the quality of materials available, delivery speed and accuracy, pricing structure and customer service excellence offered by each option. Evaluating these factors objectively will help determine which supplier best meets your needs. It can also be beneficial to investigate any extra fees or charges associated with ordering from certain suppliers as they could have an impact on the total cost of the project. Once all options are thoroughly evaluated, a decision can then be made based on which provider offers the best combination of price and value for money. Furthermore, researching their reputation among other contractors or customers may provide further insight into taking this step forward. Ultimately, an informed choice about where to source cabinets should result in a successful outcome overall.


Installing Wholesale Cabinets

1. Installing wholesale cabinets typically requires a variety of tools, such as a tape measure, screwdriver, drill, and level.

2. Accurate measurements of the space are necessary in order to ensure the correct fit of the cabinets.

3. It is important to plan ahead and have the right tools and materials on hand prior to beginning the installation.

4. Two important measurements to consider when installing wholesale cabinets are the width and depth of the opening in which they will be placed.


Tools Needed

Installing wholesale cabinets correctly requires numerous tools. A drill-driver, with a Phillips head and slotted bit, is necessary for securely fastening the cabinets to walls or floors. An adjustable wrench should be used to tighten nuts and bolts in order to secure the cabinets together. Additionally, a pry bar can help separate boards when necessary during installation. Finally, an orbital sander may also come in handy while removing any existing hardware from previous installations which needs to be replaced with new pieces. It is important to use both power and manual tools appropriately in order to ensure a successful installation of wholesale cabinets that will last for many years. When selecting tools, it is wise to prioritize those that are most appropriate for the job at hand; this ensures optimal results without wasting time on unnecessary equipment.


Measurements Required

Accurate measurements are paramount for a successful installation of wholesale cabinets. It is important to measure the area where the cabinet will be installed, as well as any accompanying appliances or fixtures which may impede placement. The height and width of the space should also be taken into consideration when determining size and quantity of cabinets needed. Additionally, it is essential that measurements are precise in order to ensure a perfect fit; this includes measuring doorways, windows, counters, walls, floors, etc. Properly taking these measurements can save time and money by preventing costly mistakes due to incorrect dimensions being ordered or used during installation. Furthermore, understanding how various materials such as wood and metal interact with each other is key in avoiding problems like warping or staining from moisture buildup over time. With careful assessment and planning before purchasing supplies or starting work on an installation project involving wholesale cabinets can help ensure optimal results without added stress or financial costs.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Wholesale Cabinets More Cost Effective Than Retail Cabinets?

The cost effectiveness of wholesale cabinets versus retail cabinets is a common question in the construction industry. With closer examination, it can be seen that there are multiple factors to consider when determining which option provides more value for money. Generally speaking, one of the advantages of purchasing wholesale cabinets is that they may cost less than retail units due to bulk discounts and other savings associated with buying in greater quantities. However, quality control may be an issue if not carefully monitored, while installation costs will still need to be taken into account as well as any additional materials needed. Ultimately, careful consideration should be given to each purchase decision in order to maximize overall value for contractors looking to outfit their projects with new cabinetry.


What Is The Typical Lead Time For Ordering Wholesale Cabinets?

Typically, the lead time for ordering wholesale cabinets is longer than that of retail cabinets. This extended period of time allows manufacturers to gather resources and build a sufficient number of cabinets before they are shipped out. However, depending on availability, some suppliers may be able to provide faster delivery times in certain cases. Furthermore, because this type of cabinet purchase typically involves bulk orders made by contractors or other large buyers, it is important to make sure all necessary preparations have been taken prior to submitting an order.


Do Wholesale Cabinets Come With Warranties?

Wholesale cabinets typically come with warranties, providing assurance to the customer that any defects are covered. Warranties may vary depending on the manufacturer and type of cabinet but generally offer protection against manufacturing or material defects for a specified period of time. The warranty also covers repairs or replacements as necessary in order to restore the original quality and functionality of the product. Customers should always carefully review all terms and conditions associated with each warranty before making a purchase decision.


Are Custom Cabinet Sizes Available From Wholesalers?

Custom cabinet sizes are often available from wholesalers, as they typically offer a variety of options in both standard and non-standard dimensions. This allows contractors to find the perfect fit for their project, ensuring that cabinets meet all needs while still fitting within budget restrictions. Many wholesalers also provide customization services so that customers can create unique designs with any size or shape they need.


Do Wholesalers Provide Delivery And Installation Services?

Many wholesalers offer delivery and installation services, in addition to their cabinets. These services may include the transportation of cabinets from the manufacturer or warehouse to the construction site, as well as assembly and installation onsite. Depending on the type of contract between the contractor and wholesaler, additional services related to cabinet setup can be included such as door hanging, drawer box assembly, shelf installation, countertop fitting, etc. It is important for contractors to consider these factors when shopping around for a reliable wholesaler with quality service offerings.

Highland Cabinetry offer a variety of advantages for contractors. While the cost savings may be considerable, lead times and warranties should also be considered when making purchasing decisions. Most wholesalers have custom sizes available, as well as delivery and installation services to make the process more convenient. In conclusion, Highland can provide an effective solution for contractors looking to save money without sacrificing quality or service. Wholesalers are able to meet deadlines and provide a reliable product at competitive pricing that is often difficult to find in retail outlets.


If you would like to know more about this product, or have any further inquiries, you can get in touch with our friendly team right now. Our friendly sales consultants are always here and ready to answer any inquiries that you may have about our full range of products.