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Wood: Gray Shaker
Door Style: Full overlay door panel, 3/4″ thick door panel
Door Panel: Recessed door style, reversed raised door panel on the back
Painted surfaces are made of MDF.
Drawer: 5/8″ thick cabinet grade plywood sides with full extension, under-mounted, soft-close, steel concealed drawer glides
Interior: Natural clear coat finish
Box: 1/2″ thick cabinet grade plywood  with metal L bracket reinforcements for base cabinets
Hardware: 6-way adjustable 1 1/4″ hinge with soft closing insert
Shelf: Adjustable 3/4″ thick cabinet grade plywood, metal shelf rests
Warranty: 1 year

grey shaker highland cabinetry
grey kitchen cabinet 2

Another classic and still a popular option, our Gray Shaker cabinets are still the go to choice for many home kitchens and bathrooms across America. Once again, the real charm of this style of cabinet lies in its light, easy on the eye finish and simple yet stylish design. They’re understated, even seemingly modest, but still have that eye catching appealing that your cabinets need to make a strong impression. This is part of what makes them a must have for many of the important spaces or rooms in your home. Better still, they’re also built durable and designed in an incredibly convenient fashion.


More than anything else, it’s a true sense of class that really set this style of cabinet apart. This class and charm is part of what really makes them a desirable option for a range of different needs. The addition of a set of Gray Shaker cabinets can be a simple and effective way to give any space in your home, be it your kitchen or bathroom, a greater sense of class and elegance. The lighter shade also means they won’t overpower anything but instead be incorporated into the decor in such a way that lifts the entire space.

beige kitchen cabinet 3

Our Gray Shaker cabinets really are the perfect option if your goal is to give either your kitchen or bathroom a more traditional charm or feel. The classic light finish, combined with a simple yet elegant design, means our Gray Shaker cabinets can are the perfect option for any space, regardless of the existing design or decor. Who says modern is always the way to go? Installing gray shaker cabinets can be the best way to harken back to a different era of design; one that’s truly timeless and will never go out of fashion.


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Creating tough and durable cabinets is something that we take very seriously. That’s because we understand the full range of challenges that await your cabinets. If they aren’t of the highest quality, there’s little chance they’ll last or provide you with any real value. Our design process combines our luxurious surface wood with a heavy duty plywood support, which is perfectly built to ensure that your cabinets offer true longevity. Cabinets that are great to look at are one thing. But cabinets that really last are even better. You’ll get both when you purchase the quality Gray Shaker cabinets that we manufacture.


The secret behind the incredible durability of our cabinets is about more than just quality craftsmanship. We also only use woods with the highest level of durability. Birch wood, whilst offering true superiority when it comes to design and appeal, is also a great choice for its durability. Combine this with the fact that birch wood also has a greater level of resistance to decay, and you’ll see why birch cabinets offer the very highest level of durability and toughness. All of this ultimately means that you’ll get better value for your purchase, as your Gray Shaker cabinets won’t succumb to wear and tear any time soon.


Perhaps most important of all, our Gray Shaker cabinets have been designed in a manner that takes convenience into account. This variety of cabinets, similar to the rest of our product range, is fashioned in a manner that makes both shipping and assembly a real breeze. This reduces any hassle that comes with getting the cabinets you need on site and is also the very best way to save time during the installation process. There really is nothing quite like it elsewhere. Doesn’t it make sense to make things easy on yourself? We certainly think so.


Another thing that we pride ourselves on is providing cabinets loaded with amazing design features. Our Gary Shaker cabinets are no exception. Reinforced L brackets allow for a greater range of countertop choices, easy to remove drawers make cleaning and general maintenance so very simple and many of the inner working components are well concealed so that only the stylish exterior is visible at all times. And that’s just to get you started. Our cabinets are designed with the very best range of features to ensure maximum flexibility and convenience. This is one more reason why they really are the superior option.



If you would like to know more about this product, or have any further inquiries, you can get in touch with our friendly team right now. Our friendly sales consultants are always here and ready to answer any inquiries that you may have about our full range of products.

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