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Wood: Signature Blue Shaker​
Door Style: Full overlay door panel, 3/4″ thick door panel
Door Panel: Recessed door style, reversed raised door panel on the back
Painted surfaces are made of MDF.
Drawer: 5/8″ thick cabinet grade plywood sides with full extension, under-mounted, soft-close, steel concealed drawer glides
Interior: Natural clear coat finish
Box: 1/2″ thick cabinet grade plywood  with metal L bracket reinforcements for base cabinets
Hardware: 6-way adjustable 1 1/4″ hinge with soft closing insert
Shelf: Adjustable 3/4″ thick cabinet grade plywood, metal shelf rests
Warranty: 1 year

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Subtle yet stylish. That’s really the best way to describe one of our most popular cabinet options: the Classic Ivory/White. The lighter tone of the finish means that these cabinets provide a truly classic feeling that’s perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. But they certainly provide much more than just style. These cabinets are also quality built to ensure that they last, and that they possess a range of features needed to seamlessly match your needs. Whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom, it’s hard to do better than a set of custom Classic Ivory or White cabinets.

Sleek styled BLue kitchen and bathroom cabinets

One of the most important things that we focus on when crafting our Classic Ivory or White cabinets is style. That’s because we know just how much of a difference truly stylish cabinets can make when installed in your home kitchen or bathroom. Our Classic Ivory or White cabinets possess a sense of style that will never disappoint. If you are looking for the best way to really add a new dimension to the decor of your kitchen or bathroom, it’s hard to look past a set of custom Classic Ivory or White cabinets from Highland.

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What’s better than true timeless charm? Sure, while most people are going contemporary when designing their new kitchen or bathroom, there’s still something endlessly appealing about a more classical feel. Stated simply, this is part of the charm of classic Ivory/White cabinets. They are fantastic option if you are looking for something that’s more traditional, without ever becoming dated. As a result, you can enjoy what they provide for years without ever having to worry if they’ll go out of style. What could be better than that? Why go modern when you can have something that will have endless, timeless charm?


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While style and design is something that we certainly prioritize, they’re not our only focus. We also take real pride in building and designing cabinets that are durable and sure to last. That’s what real quality is about, after all. Our Ivory and White cabinets have been built in a way that ensures maximum durability and longevity, including the addition of heavy-duty plywood support, used in combination with the luxurious surface wood. They’re seriously tough. As such, you don’t need to sacrifice style and design in order to get something that lasts. You truly can have it all.


Another reason our cabinets provide incredible durability is the type of wood that we use. Birch wood isn’t just famous for its light grain and amazing design appeal. It’s also tough. In fact, it not only offers a higher level of durability but also increased resistance to decay. This is just a further guarantee that our cabinets are designed to provide you with the best possible long term value. Doesn’t it make sense to choose something that lasts? We certainly think so. That’s why durability and quality is something that we emphasize heavily as part of our process.


One of the most important reasons our Ivory and White cabinets are the superior choice is our impressive design process. Our methods not only ensure that we provide quality for affordable prices but, help to make things as easy and convenient as possible too. How? Well, our White and Ivory cabinets, like the full range of cabinets that we manufacture, are designed in such a way that makes them both easy to ship and assemble. This makes them great not only for homes but also perfect for sites, where everything needs to be completed on time.


Our extensive experience when it comes to cabinet manufacturing means we’ve developed a great understanding of how to best meet your needs. As such, our classical Ivory and White cabinets are built with number of amazing features designed to enhance both ease and convenience. Like what? Easy to remove drawers make cleaning simple and reinforced L brackets allow for the installation of heavy countertops, providing you with greater choice and flexibility, and well concealed metal drawer glides means you’ll only ever see, and enjoy, the luxurious wood exterior. And that’s only the beginning of what makes our ivory and white cabinets so unique.


If you would like to know more about this product, or have any further inquiries, you can get in touch with our friendly team right now. Our friendly sales consultants are always here and ready to answer any inquiries that you may have about our full range of products.

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