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European Dark Mirror Gloss Finish

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Wood: European Light Mirror Gloss Finish
Door Style: Full overlay door panel, 3/4″ thick door panel
Door Panel: Recessed door style, reversed raised door panel on the back
Painted surfaces are made if MDF.
Drawer: 5/8″ thick cabinet grade plywood sides with full extension, under-mounted, soft-close, steel concealed drawer glides
Interior: Natural clear coat finish
Exterior: Matching finish (no finish end panel necessary)
Box: 1/2″ thick cabinet grade plywood  with metal L bracket reinforcements for base cabinets
Hardware: 6-way adjustable 1 1/4″ hinge with soft closing insert
Shelf: Adjustable 3/4″ thick cabinet grade plywood, metal shelf rests
Warranty: 1 year

european dark mirror gloss finish
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The first offering in our European Mirror range, our European Light Mirror cabinets are the perfect choice for your kitchen or bathroom for a number of reasons. First, their simple design and finish gives them a minimalist, modern appeal that’s perfect if you are looking to create a contemporary feel in your home. Furthermore, they also possess the same level of durability and convenience that our entire product line is known for. This, when combined with an affordable cost, mean they’re simply the best choice, whether you place more of an emphasis on style, design or durability.


Often, we know that you’re looking for the most effective way to give your kitchen or bathroom a real touch of class. You need not look any further than our European Light Mirror cabinets. They are the perfect way to provide your home with that true sense of class you are searching for. The simple, elegant design is subtle, yet powerful, and oozes that contemporary charm that’s the perfect addition to any space in your home. This is a major reason  our European Light Mirror cabinets are becoming an ever more popular option for home kitchens and bathrooms everywhere.

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If it’s a more contemporary feel that you are chasing, then our European Light Mirror cabinets are certainly the right choice for you. The minimalist design and nice light shade of the finish are perfect for any space in your home that could use some modernizing. Better yet, the more neutral shade of the finish means your cabinets can act as a great contrast to any darker tones that might exist in the space, such as dark countertops. this creates a truly contemporary vibe that’s hard to achieve any other way.  This really is the large part of the appeal of this style of cabinet.


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A true sense of style is certainly one thing, but we know that you also expect your cabinets to last too. Our European Light Mirror cabinets won’t let you down. That’s because they’re also manufactured with a focus on durability. The luxurious surface wood is fully supported by heavy duty plywood for increased strength and longevity. This is just one further reason why our European Light Mirror cabinets provide such amazing long term value for your money. There’s no need to feel like you have to sacrifice durability in order to achieve a certain level of style. Our cabinets provide both.


The quality cabinets that we provide aren’t just as a result of our manufacturing experience. The wood that we use also helps to ensure overall quality. This is why we only use birch wood when building our European Light Mirror cabinets. Birch not only offers superior design appeal but is also known for its increased level of durability, and greater resistance to decay as well. This design choice is yet a further assurance that our cabinets will meet all of your expectations when it comes to both quality and style. What more could you really want?


Convenient features are part of what make our European Light Mirror cabinets the best that there is. But that’s not the only reason. Our design process has also been created to take convenience into account when it comes to shipping and assembly. As a result, our cabinets are built so that they can be shipped to any location without any hassle. Furthermore, when they arrive, they’re also easy to assemble. This is another part of what makes our cabinets an appealing choice, whether you need new cabinets for your home or need cabinets shipped to your site and assembled ASAP.


Our European Light Mirror cabinets are also great because they come with a range of handy and convenient design features. This is just one more way in which we take into account your needs and provide you with true flexibility. For example, the reinforced L brackets mean that you can install any countertop of your choosing, even if it’s something heavy like concrete or granite. But that’s not all. Easy to remove drawers make cleaning and maintenance stress free, and well concealed metal drawer glides means that only the luxurious exterior can be seen, ensuring that true style is always maintained.


If you would like to know more about this product, or have any further inquiries, you can get in touch with our friendly team right now. Our friendly sales consultants are always here and ready to answer any inquiries that you may have about our full range of products.